PET Bottle Flakes

We are manufacturing high quality premium grade recycled PET Flakes from the PET Bottle Waste. Our annual production capacity for PET Flakes is 36,000 MTA. We are using state-of-art German make technology i.e. Precision Grinder, Bottle Sorter & Flake Sorter to produce flakes for high end application such as bottle-to-bottle & PET Sheet manufacturing. We maintain continuous quality parameters with minimum contaminations. Our 100% Crystal Flake is being exported to the European and North American Markets.

Types of Flakes

a. Crystal PET Flakes

b. Green PET Flakes


Jumbo Bags on Pallet


Technical Data Sheet R-PET Flakes

Sr. No Test Characteristics Equipment Used Grade/Specification Unit
1 Intrinsic Viscosity Viscosity bath 0.74 - 0.80 dl/gm
2 Melting Point Melting Point Apparatus 250-260 °c
3 PVC An alytical Balan ce & Oven < 10 PPM PPM
4 PVC Hard Paper An alytical Balan ce & Oven < 20 PPM PPM
5 OTHER (Metal, Rubber, PC, PP, HDPE, LDPE, Wood, Stone) An alytical Balan ce & Oven < 20 PPM PPM
6 Metal < 5 PPM PPM
7 Moisture Moisture Analyer < 1 % %
8 Bulk Density Flekes Measuring Cylinder Min. 270 -Max. 350 Kg/m³
9 Caustic < 02 PH
10 Ash < 0.05% %
11 Flakes Size Analytical Sieve Shakers Nominal 3mm-12mm MM
12 Fine (<1 mm) Analytical Sieve Shakers < 0.05% %
13 Flakes Content Small(<3 mm) Analytical Sieve Shakers Max. 2% %
14 Flakes Content Oversized(>12mm) Analytical Sieve Shakers Max. 4% %
15 Product Temperature Min. 15 - Max. 60 °C
16 Base Content Flakes(PH-Value in De-ionized Water PH 6.5 to 7.5) < 8
17 Residual surface contaminantsicluding glue, wash chemicals Analytical Sieve Shakers Max. 20 PPM
Storage conditions:

No exposure to direct sunlight. Storage temperature 30°C.
We recommend the flakes be used within 6 months to assure the properties.

Applications of Recycled PET Flakes

recycled PET flakes

Food Grade Bottle-To-Bottle

ePET flakes

Pet Sheet & Tray

chips for rPET yarns fibres

Chips for rPET Yarns/Flakes

Pet strap for packaging recycled

PET Strap for Packaging

& other PET Packaging Industries

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