Keeping sustainability at the core, we, at Alliance give solutions for sustainability by reducing carbon footprints in production. With rising demands in eco friendly products, we are committed to create products from recycled PET waste to make world a better place with every step forward.

Our Contribution to better earth

Reduce CO2 emission

RPET polyester product has a 75% lower carbon footprint than regular polyester product.

No Crude Required

RPET polyester yarn does not require a finite resource i.e. oil, creating earth more sustainable.

Less Water Usage

Recycled polyester uses upto 20% less water in the manufacturing process.

Energy Saving

RPET requires 60% less energy than virgin fibre while production.

Towards Zero Waste

Only 7% of all plastic that was created in 2012 was recovered for recycling. We need quite more of it.

Fresh Landfills

Recycling 1 ton of PET container saves almost 5.7 sqmt. of landfill space.

Greenfil® is sustainable brand which processes PET waste into the recycled polyester. In this process, the loss of useful resources is minimized. Disposed PET bottles are converted into flakes which are finally turned into fibre/filament in different deniers. By using waste PET bottles which would otherwise have been incinerated or dumped into landfills or oceans. In terms of performance, these recycled 100% polyester fibres are just like virgin polyester fibre.



ISO 900 l :2000

Oeko Tex Alliance Fibres Certifications

Ensuring International
Standard With OEKO TEX

Complete R.M Traceability
by Global Recycle Standerd